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Champions Round Rules

League Rules​




League names are limited to 32 characters. League names are not unique, so there can be multiple leagues with the same name.


NOTE: Inappropriate, offensive, and/or obscene language names are unacceptable and subject to change or may result in further action.



Team Name: Limited to 32 characters, special characters are allowed. Team names are not unique, so two teams in the same league can have the same name.

Team Abbreviation: 4 characters. Special characters are allowed.

Team Avatar: Choose your team avatar to give your team some flair!







Team Owners may only enter a maximum of 3 leagues/round at a time. Leagues are defined as having 6-16 Team Owners at a time. An even number of Team Owners is required. Leagues are free.



To create a league, tap “Create New League” at the top of the “home page”. As the League Manager, you may edit the league name. League names are limited to 32 characters. League names are not unique, so there can be multiple leagues with the same name. Next, please select the number of Team Owners to invite. You can adjust this later prior to your league’s draft. You may set your draft time now or choose to do this later. You will be prompted next to invite Team Owners either by email or text message SMS. You can also do this later by pressing “Skip” in the top left corner.


NOTE: Inappropriate, offensive, and/or obscene language names are unacceptable and subject to change or may result in further action.



Only a league's creator, known as the League Manager, can set up a league. League Manager will send invitations either via email or text message SMS. When a league manager invites you to a league you will see a notification in your app to join a league. If you cannot find an invite, navigate to the top bar where leagues are displayed, click on the menu, and you will see a new league invite that ends with (Pending Acceptance). Still not seeing an invite? Ask your league manager if the invite was sent to either the email or phone number associated with your account. If the invite does not match your account, please ask your league manager to remove this invite and resend an invite to your proper account. An invite should now appear. If you are still having issues, please navigate here to troubleshooting.



First, create your team name. Team names are limited to 32 characters. Team names are not unique, so two teams can have the same name in one league. Next, select your team abbreviation. This can be up to 4 characters. Lastly, choose your team image. These are not unique, so you may have the same image as another team.


NOTE: Inappropriate, offensive, and/or obscene language names are unacceptable and subject to change or may result in further action.



League Managers can view which Team Owners have been invited by clicking on the “Manager Tools” page. Enter the email address or phone number of each person you want to join your league by clicking “Invite”. League Managers can also resend and cancel invites from this portal. Additionally, League Managers can view which Team Owners have accepted invites.



Once a round is over (more on rounds below), a League Manager will have the option to continue this league into the next round. This will send invites out to each Team Owner in the league, requesting them to opt in to the new round. The League Manager will have the option to add, remove, and edit Team Owners prior to sending out invites.



Team Owners may not leave a league once the league draft is complete. To leave a league, click “Settings”. Find the specific league at the top that you wish to leave, click “Edit”, then click “Leave League” at the bottom.







Champions Round consists of 4 NFL fantasy sport rounds. There are 3 rounds during the NFL regular season and a 4th round during the NFL playoffs called “The Champions Round”. At the beginning of each round, leagues will draft players (more on drafting below). At the end of each round, the winner will be determined. Each round is independent of each other. That means each round is a fresh start and a new chance to draft a winning team! Do this 4 times throughout the 2019-2020 NFL Regular Season and Playoffs. (More on this in the “ROUNDS & SCHEDULING” section below.)



Scoring is based on Points-Per-Reception (PPR). PPR means that Fantasy Points (FPTS) are awarded based on dozens of actions performed by athletes on each fantasy team. To view how FPTS are awarded, click into the “Scoring Rules” section inside the Champions Round application.



Weeks are Tuesday - Monday. Each week, one player may play in each slot. Slots are based on position (outlined below). Each slot will lock 5 minutes prior to the start of the game for whichever player is currently occupying that slot. Once each week ends, this slot will reset.









FLEX (RB / WR / TE )


D / ST



Standings are based on aggregate PPR - the total amount of Fantasy Points (FPTS) accrued during the round up to this point. Whomever has the most PPR score at the end of the round, wins!



Team Owners may enter the draft portal 5 minutes prior to the start of your league draft. You will see a prompt to enter the draft portal at the top of the “Home” page.



For example, imagine there are 10 Team Owners in your league. "Snake" means that a 10-team draft order goes from 1-10 in odd-numbered rounds, then 10-1 in even-numbered ones. That means whoever picks first in the draft will make his/her next pick at No. 20, then No. 21, etc. The Team Owner who picks last in the first round (10th) will also get the No. 11 pick, but will have to wait until picks 30 and 31 for their next selections. This is done so that each draft position has its advantages and disadvantages. The snake format ensures that you can construct a winning roster from any draft spot.

Team Owners will have 45 seconds to make their selection when it is their turn. If it is not your turn, you may add players to your Draft Queue. If you do not make a choice within 45 seconds, the first player in your Draft Queue will be selected. If there are no players in your Draft Queue, the highest ranking player available will automatically be chosen. Draft Queue is completely optional, but it is helpful to mark players that you prefer to pick, and as a failsafe incase you miss your turn or drop internet connection.



Auto Draft will be automatically selected if you are not inside the draft portal when drafting is occurring. You may also toggle Auto Draft from the settings menu, even when inside the draft portal. Auto Draft will either select the top player from your Draft Queue or the highest ranked player in the available player pool.


Any player who is dropped from a team will be placed on waivers for two days, during which time each Team Owner has the option to put in a waiver claim for him. The Team Owner with the highest waiver priority that made a claim will get that player and move to the bottom of the waiver order. If no Team Owner places a claim on this player, that player will clear waivers. This means that each Team Owner can add this player to their roster instantaneously without forfeiting their position in the waiver order.

Waivers process at Midnight 12:00 PST.




ROUNDS 1 - 3

Round 1: 9/5/2019 - 10/15/2019

Round 2: 10/16/2019 - 11/26/2019

Round 3: 11/27/2019 - 12/30/2019



Now this is where things get interesting. The Champions Round takes place during the 2019-2020 NFL playoffs.

Champions Round: 01/04/2020 - 02/02/2020



6-16 Team Owners may enter. A draft occurs. Team Owners may draft 4 players of any position. Team Owners compete for the highest PPR during the NFL Wild Card and the NFL Divisional Rounds. After these two rounds, only the 4 teams with the highest PPR continue on. Everyone else, your Champions Round is over. The 4 remaining teams will compete for highest PPR during the NFL Championship Round and the Super Bowl.

If you have a player on your roster who is on a team that has been eliminated from the NFL playoffs, it is your responsibility to drop that player from your roster and replace them with an available player.

If your team is eliminated from the Champions Round, all of your players will automatically go back to the available player pool.

Team Owners, watch the player pool and waiver wire closely. In the Champions Round, it will be your best friend.


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