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Below are examples of problems you might experience when joining your league and how you can go about fixing them. If one of the examples does not help rectify your problem, please contact Customer Service at: support@championsround.com.


When a league manager invites you to a league you will see a notification in your app to join a league. You must navigate into the Champions Round app to accept a league invitation.

Finding a league invite
Navigate to the top bar of the app where leagues are displayed with a down arrow. Click on this menu and you will see a new league invite that ends with (Pending Acceptance). 


If the League Manager says they sent you the invitation but you do not receive it in your email inbox or as a text message, it could be due to:

-Your email address or phone number entered is simply incorrect. In this case we ask you to communicate with the League Manager to ensure your correct email address is entered.



The League Manager invites you to join a league, but upon clicking the unique URL, the page returns saying that you can not join the league. This may happen due to:

-The League Manager invited another owner to join the team after inviting you, which cancels the invite associated with your unique URL.


-The League Manager deleted the league prior to you joining it. In this case we recommend that you contact the League Manager directly and work out the details.


-You are in too many leagues. You may only be in 3 Champions Round leagues at a time. In this case, you will be asked to exit another league in order to join this league. If all 3 of your leagues have already started, you will be unable to join this league. 

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